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9/26/2003 04:24:00 PM
Friday, September 26, 2003

Today nth much to blog abt ler... Exams cuming btw think i nt cuming on so often ler mebe only weekends but internet relli irresistable nvm after exams then blog!! Cya :)

9/25/2003 09:01:00 PM
Thursday, September 25, 2003

Heyhey, todays my mom bdae... Quite interesting one after my tution at abt 515 i went together with my sister to discuss on how 2 celeb my mom bdae.. Firstly, my 2nd sis was to kip a watchout for my mum at the door u noe that hole... Then i was spose to ply the bdae song for my mom when she gets in...
Okay, and that kinda worked out... Then my eldest sis was spose to lite up all e 8 candles b4 my mom went in to the study rm. All worked fine, and i bot a cd by hayley but unfortunately, my mom didnt lk it maybe in sg all those lk classical songs or in choir de mebe they will prefer this i tink ^^ Hai nvm i tink tmr i go MPH Buy the cd she lk lor sure Broke de -_-... Haiz, frm tmr onwards i will strive to the bez!!! Hope all goes well for me man!

9/24/2003 10:10:00 PM
Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Hmmz, get it?! Around 2 more weeks to go, tense up!
Finally, today the 2 tests geog n history over ler, can breathe peacefully ler, hope the hist is agree to a large extent or sure minus e 6 marks de. Haiyo, duno whther to go to the BBQ Not, i go to the metoyou counsel thing, also not much of a help. Sigh, -_-.
Think for these 2 pathetic weeks, i m gonna drill myself hopefully if i can to go online lk alternative days lidat, or sure cnt survive in sch de... Kk, short entry man, nth to blog gotta go Bye! ^^

9/22/2003 04:56:00 PM
Monday, September 22, 2003

9/22/2003 04:56:00 PM

Hmmz, haven been coming online for a few days... Kinda sian, only me at home now. So stupid leh, i stoned at my com table for 4 hrs juz to study my Maths and wad did i get?! So scared i fail leh. Wonder which crappy tcher set so hard for us!!
Geez, around 2 more weeks to study and yar btw this whole week is so dam crappy Mon- Maths & Lit Test Tues- CME Wed- Geog And Hist Wah piang alwaes put them together de.. Den surely study lk shit de. Dots, i m gettin v nervous and i m still online.... Crappie the word to describe me!
Kk lar, cnt tok ler think i gtg soon Wish moi Bez of Luck For my EOY Exams... ^^ U2 (*if u juz wished me gud luck!)

9/20/2003 03:41:00 PM
Saturday, September 20, 2003

Haiz, so fast weekend ler it implies shit 17 days. God dam it.
Goodness, i only touch 1 chp of geog. shit how m i gonna cramp everything in2 my small brain?! Piang, i relli scared duno wad to do man juz dujn haf e m00d to study nowadaes mebe addicted to com ler.
No choice, nth much to blog today but this entry is to remind me only gt 17 days KK i m freak out think i gtg soon...-_-

9/19/2003 10:54:00 PM
Friday, September 19, 2003

Okay 18 days more... Wow i broke my record yest by nt going on for a day... Its been a long time since i eva did tt.
Today dam farnee, we gt hmt test in the hall wif *sec 1s Dots. Haha cos nt enuf tchers around, den when i was doing my pper till half, i tot my hair was tickling my left hand (i m rite handed) so i didnt bother, but after lk 3 secs it was quita itchy so i turned towards e left side and looked at my left hand, then guess wad i saw?! I saw this black bug abt 3 cm on my hand. Darn, wadeva stupid bug landed on my hand, so dam disgusted by that man! So i Swept it away...-_-
K then when our test finished which was abt 150pm we went to eat lunch, only a few of us Sec2s hmt choir peeps. Hai, they influence me so is lk until 3 then we went for choir, cos we went to 2B to wait for the rest, dun understand y the 2a+2b+2d cl pple go n take our beautiful 2A Class. Dots. So bhb... Then we waited for abt 1+ hr b4 going to choir. When we went it, Mr Kwei sae kk juz in time, the song juz ended, haha didnt noe we were so late.^^
Gosh, gotta buck up n sacrifice the com no choice but i relli wanna study double nxt yr hope i can get in.! Jia You:)

9/17/2003 03:15:00 PM
Wednesday, September 17, 2003

9/17/2003 03:13:00 PM

20 Days more to my Finals.
Heez, today a lot of interesting things happened... Let me tell u them in chronological order.
1. After recess, tiger gt gastric. So when I was asking how she was when we walked back to the classes. Then i nv c the dnt blk gt the thing poking out. So my left arm hit the metal cupboard. As u noe, wearing uniform quite hard to c the arm, so i nv pull my sleeve up. I tot nth happen. Hu noes juz now when i pulled my sleeve up, i saw a cut abt 4-5 cm. Dots. :( Quite pain leh.
2. When PC lesson, nid go audi then our side de door lock, so cher ask sum1 to go c another door gt lock nt. I went there n found out i wasnt lock, so the whole class went to another side. Haha when we went it, bo lights. So totally pitch dark, 1st time in audi w/o lites. C00l sia. when we walk until half, dm cum den she sae y we so stupid the lite switch at e bottom no1 saw haha. Cos we at the top.
3. Juz now rainin quite heavily, then too bad no gd show to watch. At 1st, chalit dowan hold umbrella, then ly haf to hold, when me n tiger walk until half, i saw chalit holding...
haha piano cher cum ler. gtg

9/16/2003 07:07:00 PM
Tuesday, September 16, 2003

2nd Day Of School Okay i counted it, 21 more days to my Finals.
Umz, getting more tense and freaked out as the days past. But still lazing around, actually i quite glad i yesterday got revise a lil of trigo, then mebe i ltr do DNT drawings. Mebe revise a lil. Decided to use the com frm 7-8 so tt i can listen to Holland V and blog at e same time. Smart leh^^.
Sianz, nid to do a mind map on STDs. 2dai at e com lab saw the pics of Aborted babies, and the bloody foetus. Yucks Gross but i luv it. Quite cute wif the lil hands and legs. Haha i m gettin more n more perverted. *_*
Kkz, gotta search for info for sci mind map. Wads a mind map?? I duno gotta ask around. Haha kk Cya tmr! :)

9/15/2003 09:11:00 PM
Monday, September 15, 2003

Haiz, today was the 1st day of school... Then all e tchers were nagging, Haiyo 3 more wks left leh, muz revise ready, Gosh So sian... If still gt 3 more months jiu hao ler.
Phoo, So sianz, i wanna use computer then i scared i cnt revise So Stuck Arh that reminds me of Stacie... Yup here i m recommendin her songs Stuck and More To Life.
Its cool i m planning on buying her Cds. U shud too!
Gosh, 7 October leh, then Finals ler, and here i m wasting my time online nt revising so remorseful -_- Kk i gtg cya!

/the blogger