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12/31/2003 04:53:00 PM
Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Yo man i m back again yea tt rite erm now at stupid junior nown as LION haha shes screamin after cing this. okie wad m i goonna type now lemme think erm okie lemme describe the atmosphere now CHEN XQ is singing now horrible voices moving ard bhind me duno wad e heck is she doing man haha think shes shakin all over lk those drug addicts u noe wad. kk i jus realised sth i m LAME hha nid walking sticks tt y i alwaes visit e hospital cos they provide walking sticks okie 1 WISh for e new yr tt is dun b so lame nemore haha erm newaes its new yrs eve haha okie the wish will come true so sad nxt yr cnt haf ne fun ne more ler cos i sec 3 ler haha sighs kk t\2 idiots r readin my blog now kk erm to all sec2a pple byeeeeeee wo hui hen shang xin de b00h000 sighs no choice ler lar yay today went cyclin wif lil haha den stupid cxq ALMOS fell frm e chair haha idiots r jus lk dat e lor haha k lemme contd wid my stry kk okie lemme elaborate further i m on my plan haha ita a tannin plan kk i m trtyin my bes to cycle once a wk but a lil impossible cos my mom will nv allow it lor sighs. when can i bcum as black as my sis!
OH YAR i 4got help MJ rite test haha she rite so long for me i shud repay her hor kk erm HAPPY NEW YR EVE pple erm so sad 2003 will be gone sighs lil jus said she hate 2003 ok i hate pple lidat irratin hor but guess wad as irratin as me yar rite i m going to change my attitude personality erm character into a b etter one haha i m a v sensible one CXQ is tryin to blast into my ear de lor haha kk i m bored stiff CXQ wan go PW ma fan rite den sae one treat us haha lk real lk u noe wad shes lk lor will she eva treat her frens haha erm i m tryin to make a v long blog so dun get bored erm aiya lk nth much to type ler lets c whether frenster is available now sigh cnt ply pool here cos the pool nt available here ba kk ler i going CNY IS REAchING n the sensible one is going for a gr8 hol wif her fam haha kk HAPPY NEW YR EVE!

12/13/2003 08:33:00 PM
Saturday, December 13, 2003

I v pro lea realise tt i did a lot of things today after lunchin wif ql i went to tidy up my table and after tidyin i realised tt there were lk 5 bags of rubbish (Ntuc SizE) cos i used ntuc plastic bags as my rubiish bagz mar. den i went to wash clothes... wash color one white one and jeans wah gr8 chore man suffered for a few hrs den i went to pack my genting stuff n i realised haven iron a lot of clothes so i went to iron I ironed for lk half hr ler den i realised eh y iron lai iron qu dou bu zhi de And GUESS WAD? i din turn on the switch i was like =_=" Pengs~ OMg so i ironed again stood for an hr ironing tmr still gt one whole chunk of clothes for me to iron wad sia~ stand for 1 more hr lor bo pian cos nid to bring those clothes to genting to wear mar. lucky tmr i going our to shop ahah shud be quite fruitful bars.... haha lets hope so~:)

12/11/2003 09:20:00 PM
Thursday, December 11, 2003

Yox. back again wahahha finally i can use e com after a long wait which was like 3 hrs - 4hrs haha hmm let me start all from monday bar... so sad lea... the R U HOT Lisa 1st rd jiu bei ti chu qu le sad rite!!! stupid lar den tt nite i huo gai go ply with the security settings then in the end gt the PUK Code den i duno in the end sim card gt rejected haha qi si wo le... so nid change card lor... for those who duno my no. its 98709181 btw u oso mus msn me tell me ur no oso or u go tag mi board lor same lar... lucky glenn and sx asked me along to suntec on tues so glenn go buy cap or shall i sae we paid for his cap for the bdae pres cos he bot me the sammi cd n i gt the CALENDAR !!!!!!! haha den at e same time i go buy another M1 prepaid card... den tues we sang till... cos nt disciplined den nv follow conductor so in e end gt scolded for lk 1/2 hr den we oso changed our standing postitions... hope we can get CAT Winner !!! den yest gt sec4s farewell ahha den gt 1 part ply wif e sparkles den cos nv listen properly to marcus inst. so in e end gt a small lecture frm him cos think we relli nt disciplined at all haha s0bx. erms gotta go frenster now haha add me at jamie5sg@hotmail.com if u use frenster k!:)

12/06/2003 01:48:00 PM
Saturday, December 06, 2003

haha now i m at marie hse and chiobu via is bside me now y m i so fortunate?! sigh.

12/03/2003 11:45:00 PM
Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Hmm tmr going out with mich dey all hope it wuld turn out gd... haha i m still wondering how many pple are turning up cos angela aint doing so... s0bx.

12/03/2003 10:03:00 PM

Yo… Its been a long long time since I blogged… cos my Internet connection gt prob lar. Those who noe me shud noe tt… Hmm, yesterday night watched Never Been Kissed By Drew Barrymore, Haha it was a nice show its like from an ugly and unpopular girl who changed into a average looking girl who is quite popular due to the help of her younger brother… Haha nice show Rate it like 4 out of 5 stars ba! Eh, tt day on my burfdae at night quite fun… cos in the afternoon shuen and marie was settling things with youhan den quite sian so we (me and qi) go play badminton haha want to play longer so tt I can tan myself but very hot arh… so we never continue playin sumore gt a lil wind. Den ltr, we went to Parkway and I saw da0kia Lim Si Wei… think she tryin to sell some tics ahaha… then we go to Spotlite at Tampines together with Shuen to buy something for her *darlin* haha we wanted her to put those mushy mushy stuffz. Haha at night we went to East Coast to cycle at 1st only gt me and qi but in the end she said she wanted to invite her *so-called gang along… so she asked leslie if he wanted to go East Coast… den he said Yes haha v shuang kuai hor. So nxt time u bored jus call him and he will appear in frnt of u haha… den we went to cycle haha tt shop actually renting 3 bikes wuld cost us $16 but they sae want to close shop at 9 so we muz reach at 855 den he charge us lk only $10 so shuang… but haha nt we pay lar as u noe the rich guy pays haha… Ltr we went to Mac and the smart CXQ wanted to takeaway cos she sae eat at the beach better haha all her crappie ideas… we walked for like 5 mins and finally found a seat haha den eat finish we go to stroll along the beach all quite pitch dark cos like around 10 le den on the rocks there we saw this rat scribbling around so v scared then we went off e rocks ltr we went to sit on the sand there den sit there talk for lk 15 mins b4 qi mom call so 5 mins ltr we went off le den les sae want to continue walkwalk first so we left wo him ahha when I went back gt a scoldin cos mom told me in the mornin nt to cycle haha den I go cycle so got a lil scoldin. Oh yar on my bdae tt morning my mom bought me a small coffee cake haha den got tk pics… so cool last yr I was like left alone with my eldest sis cos my mom dad 2nd sis all at china so cnt celebrate ahha den I got a fone from my uncle is a 3315 larx… mebe I go buy prepaid card den can use le haha duno when lar but shud be in 2-3 daes time ba… hmm quite shuang lar… but so sad my bdae past le nid to wait for 363 daes more sigh s0bx.

Eh… so good my sis frens are here now… so good they help her celebrate he bdae by buyin her a cake and then now they all chatting… so shuang hor..!~

/the blogger